Blink SyncModule 2

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What is it?

Home appliance to control other Amazon Blink devices.

According to the manufacturer: "The Sync Module is a hub that plugs into an electrical outlet to relay commands and network details to devices in the system it manages. The Sync Module 2 requires a power outlet and is connected to your always-on Wi-Fi network to handle activity for up to ten Blink devices. This extends camera battery life, saves clips without a subscription, improves convenience for scheduling, and arms a group of devices at once."[1]

What can it do?

  • Control Blink devices (cameras, doorbells, etc) from the Blink mobile app
  • Connect up to 10 of any Blink Outdoor 4, Wired Floodlight, Outdoor and Indoor (all models), XT2, XT, Video Doorbell*, and Mini* cameras.
  • Support local video storage for up to 10 Blink cameras.
  • Record and store motion clips when you insert a USB flash drive (up to 256 GB).

Main components



  • ARM Cortex-A7 running Linux
  • 900MHz
  • SRAM: 128kB
  • 96KB bootrom, 128KB internal RAM
  • Has Arm TrustZone

Wifi/Bluetooth Module

NXP 88W8987-NYE2[3]

  • 2.4/5Ghz Wifi
  • Bluetooth 5.2 (BLE also)

Serial flash

Winbond 25Q256JVEQ[4]

  • 256M-bit
  • Dual/Quad SPI XIP (133MHz SPI)


ISSI IS43TR16640BL[5]

  • 16bit DDR3

Sub-GHz "EZRadio" Transceiver

Markings: 455A CQRX 220

Silicon Labs Si4455[6]

  • Frequency of 283–960 MHz
  • –116 dBm Sensitivity
  • Modulation:
    • (G)FSK
    • OOK
  • +13 dBm Max output power
  • 50 nA Standby Current
  • 500 kbps Max Data Rate
  • 1.8 to 3.6 VDC

Teardown pictures

Serial Communications

It is possible to read the boot of the device by connecting to the indicated pin.

Baud rate is 115200.