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If you want to add individual pictures go to Insert -> Media and select the Upload tab. Upload your file, give it a name and description and it will be added to the page. If you want the picture to be in-line with your text and not off to the right go to the Advanced Tab when editing the photo and uncheck "Wrap text around this item"

Hash's GoodWatch

Multiple photo's can be showcased in a Gallery format, click Insert and then Gallery. There are a few display options within the gallery, edit the gallery below to see what I used and feel free to use a format you like.

If you want to insert a YouTube video just copy the link below and change the UVwoPPe6DwQ to the embedded code from your video. It's found in the link YouTube gives you to share at the end. https://youtu.be/UVwoPPe6DwQ

Headings are a great way to segment your page (tap on mobile)

They allow you to show high level topics while hiding details on mobile

Now you see the details when you tap the heading. After three sub headings are created a Table of Content is automatically created for desktop users.

Another Sub-Heading

Some more awesome information here

Third times the charm

Now we have a table of contents

Image Map

Move your mouse over each IC to see a description, click on it to be taken to the PDF datasheet. When viewing an image in the gallery click the "More Details" bottom at the bottom right. Below the image on the File page you will see ImageMapEdit. Use that tool to place shapes over the image then when you are done copy the markup code in the box at the bottom and paste on your page using the "Edit Source" editor.

If you want to make changes, paste the code from your page back into the ImageMapEdit and add/remove sections as needed. Not the most elegant solution but it gets the job done!

Spansion Flash Memory ICTexas Instruments DSPWinbond DRAMUnder the metal shield on processor board

Leaflet Maps

For information on how to make the most of Leaflet on MediaWiki see the following site: https://maps.extension.wiki/wiki/Maps_for_MediaWiki

All changes must be made using "Edit Source" as the Visual Editor does not support it at this time.

Using Leaflet to display an image

Loading map...

Using Leaflet to display a map

Loading map...

Embedded Video

Embedding videos is currently done by using the "edit source" feature, the examples below show how to embed a YouTube video and a video (<30MB) uploaded to the wiki. Using YouTube it's possible to autoplay the video and loop it if you want to show short clips as part of your page. See the looped intro video below as an example, or the simpler standard YouTube video link below that.