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Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studios and member of the L0phtEdit

Video by Altium (Schematic capture and PCB design software) on Joe Grand, reverse engineering and the hacker community/mindset.

Travis Goodspeed in praise of Junk HackingEdit

Travis speaks about reverse engineering and hacking non-contraversial items. This allows us to practice and refine the art of reverse engineering without getting tangled up in debates over disclosure protocols or censored due to the nature of the device being worked on.

Travis Goodspeed on tricks for ARM Firmware Reverse EngineeringEdit

Travis speaks about ARM firmware reverse engineering, 50 minutes well spent if you are looking to reverse engineer something with an embedded ARM microcontroller.

DEFCON 21 - Decapping ChipsEdit

Very interesting talk on home brew decapping IC’s and reverse engineering them. Home built device shown on Zac Franken’s blog as a knock-off Niscene JetEtch, a professional IC decapsulating system.