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Why RECESSIM || How to Contribute

Is anyone working on Reverse Engineering (insert thing here) and if so, who?

That's the question a lot of us ask and we turn to Google for an answer. Maybe someone has a blog or posted to a forum about what they are working on. Perhaps it's on Twitter or there's a Github page devoted to it. Whatever it is, it's isolated from everything else and a chore to find.

What if everything being reverse engineered was available in one location?

Think of RECESSIM as a directory and a place of direct entry.

  • Already have a blog or location where your work is posted? Great! Create a page and link to your work so others can find it.
  • Looking for a great place to collaborate on what you are working on? Post your work here, it's free and dedicated to Reverse Engineering!

Check out How to Contribute and help create the the most important Reverse Engineering tool.