Christopher Tarnovsky

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Social Media

Christopher has no known social media accounts but he does have a Wikipedia page.


Christopher has some early 2000's videos on youtube from Black Hat and DEFCON and then disappears until about 2019 when some newer video's appeared. His work reverse engineering and working with bare silicon is worth watching for anyone interested in this level of reverse engineering.

He seems to be most well known for his work with DirecTV and NDS which led to legal troubles. This could be the reason he disappeared from the public for so long. Below is a connection of videos and articles.

Links and Videos

Inducing Momentary Faults Within Secure Smartcards / Microcontrollers

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This February 2008 Blackhat talk seems to be the first public talk given about the methods Christopher uses to reverse engineer IC's.

How to Reverse-Engineer a Satellite TV Smart Card

This June 2008 video and article is a brief look into Christophers lab and a very high level look at what he does to gain access to the silicon wafer.