Travis Goodspeed

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Twitter: @TravisGoodspeed

Literature: PoC||GTFO - Reverse engineering journal.

Brief Biography

Bio from Twitter: Merchant of Dead Trees and Licensed Proselytizer of the Gospel of the Weird Machines with Pwnage, PoC, and Secular Rock.

General Bio:

Travis Goodspeed has a number of cool projects that can be found online. The GoodWatch is a Casio calculator watch with a completely redesigned PCB capable of transmitting and receiving RF! The Tytera MD-380 is a low cost DMR radio that was reverse engineered to run custom firmware. A notable feature, the radio contains the call-sign of every amateur radio operator on DMR so when anyone transmits you can see who it is on your radio! Makes conversations much easier.

There are a number of good YouTube talks on the Video page where Travis discusses reverse engineering and the value of "Junk Hacking" which means reverse engineering devices that won't attract undue attention from corporations or governments. The principles are all the same so you can refine your skills without getting killed along the way!