Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

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Teardown of the Canon PowerShot A3100 IS point-and-shoot camera.

12.1 MP, 1/2.3" CCD sensor, optical image stabilizer. Released in January 2010. PCB date code is 3rd week of 2010.

Canon PowerShot A3100 IS

The teardown subject was dead, with missing battery, and won't power on when 3.7V is applied to the battery terminals.

Technical details, including firmware dumps, on the CHDK Wiki.

No service manual found.

Teardown Pictures

Main PCB, top view
Main PCB, bottom view
Button PCB, top view
Button PCB, bottom view
SD card PCB, top view
SD card PCB, bottom view
CCD sensor, top view
CCD sensor and lens assembly, bottom view

Parts Identification

The parts are grouped based on (guessed) functional blocks.



  • Main SoC
  • Marking CK4-1127 E142C2 Z55

Samsung K8P6415UQB 4Mx16 NOR Flash Memory, 16 MB

Elpida D51321DBH-6ETS-F 16Mx32 DDR333 Mobile RAM, 64 MB

351-9K3 8-pin package RTC? (near 32k crystal)

CCD Driver

Analog Devices DI9004 (also found in Sanyo VPC-S1415)

  • Marking: BBCZ #1008 1808576.1
  • CCD frontend w/ ADC and likely also timing generator


Sanyo LA74310LP Audio Interface and Video Driver

  • Marking A74310 0PX0

Lens/Image Stabilization

Renesas R2J30507 01110B optical image stabilization driver

  • Similar IC in Sony W120, Canon PowerShot G9

2x Murata ENC-03 series, angular rate sensors (SE501/SE502)

  • Probably 1x ENC-03RC-R and 1x ENC-03RD-R
  • Similar to Sony W120, Canon PowerShot G9


Maxim 8680CE TL005 7 Channel DC-DC Power Management IC


TI TPS65560 Flash charger and IGBT driver

  • Chip marking: BPR TI 01 A2DI
  • Also in Sony W55 and W120

Renesas RJP4002ASA IGBT

Unpopulated connector, likely with JTAG and UART


Unpopulated connector located on back of board

  • Candidate for JTAG and debug UART
  • Pin-out likely same as documented here.
  TX  -  _  RX
 GND  -  _  3.3V
SHDN  -  _  N/C
 N/C  -  _  HALF_BAUD
  PD  -  _  ALT_BOOT
  PD  -  _  /TRST
 TDI  -  _  TMS
 TCK  -  _  TDO