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==<big>Welcome to the Reverse Engineering Wiki</big>==
<div role="presentation" aria-hidden="true">[[File:Kenwood TH-D74 and JTAGulatorHacktheplanet pager.jpg|alt=|thumb|Reverse Engineering an Amateur Radio482x482px|The [[Apollo AL-A26 (Pager)|Apollo Pilot A26]]<pager is hand-programmable, not requiring any software to setup basic features (including CAPCODE/div>RIC, frequency, and baudrate) which make it particularly appealing for amateur use.]]
RECESSIM was created to be a central location for all Reverse Engineering projects. Projects can be hosted here for free on a dedicated wiki page you create or you can add to existing projects. You can also just create a page to provide a high level summary of what you are working on and link back to your own blog/website.
My The goal is for RECESSIM to be the place we can all go to understand everything being worked on, by whom, in the reverse engineering community.
-Hash'''In order to create your account, head over to [ Discord] and introduce yourself.''' <div style="clear: both;"><br /></div>
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