How to Contribute

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Why RECESSIM || How to Contribute

Follow this simple four step process:

  1. Head to Discord and introduce yourself, ask for the code to create an account
  2. Create an account and log in, let us know in Discord and you will be given editing rights
  3. Edit an existing page you are interested in
  4. Create a new page within the existing categories

It's really that easy! If you are familiar with editing a wiki then no need to read further.

Good news, editing a wiki is EASY compared to Reverse Engineering! Here's a Test Page for you to see the various formatting options. A few things you should know:

  1. There is Visual Editing (default) and Source Editing, start with Visual since it's easy and intuitive.
  2. Some things like adding links to YouTube videos isn't a part of the Visual Editor currently (working on it!) so check out what you need to copy/paste to your own entry on the Test Page.
  3. Avoid saving changes to Test Page, instead refine your skills by editing your own user page and tell us who you are! Here's mine as an example.